Owning a New Zealand vineyard provides you with a variety of lifestyle opportunities, and the flexibility to adapt the business to changing preferences with age or personal circumstances. Vineyards also offer great opportunities for financial gain through land development.


We can assist you to set up your New Zealand vineyard in different ways:


  • You can buy a vineyard, keep it running with a manager, and move to New Zealand whenever you choose, for example when you retire. 

  • An alternative is to buy a New Zealand vineyard, move now, and start enjoying a rural lifestyle. 


We can advise you about the best vineyard option to suit your preferences, including location, as there are vineyards of all sizes across both islands of New Zealand. 



  • One option is to purchase a vineyard just for growing grapes for sale to an independent winemaker.

  • An alternative is to develop your New Zealand vineyard for the production, marketing and sale of your own wine. You might choose to add hospitality, such as a restaurant or a wine bar for tourism and for hosting events. 

  • Another possibility is to subdivide, market, and sell portions of your land.

We can source and engage competent property managers, land developers, contractors, and winemakers to help optimise your vineyard investment.



The New Zealand winegrowing industry is in a unique position to attract beginners and a variety of investors. It’s not uncommon for vineyard owners to be passive in the day-to-day dealings while a manager runs the business. 


A vineyard manager takes care of all the operations and daily tasks including spraying, pruning, quality control, staff management – even budgeting. Because they manage multiple vineyards, usually under a larger management company, they’re able to keep costs low. 


It’s easy for us to arrange for your vineyard to be managed on your behalf.


We can make the complex process of buying or selling a vineyard in New Zealand simpler. As knowledgeable brokers, we are aware of all the legal implications involved in completing an effective purchase or sale.


This includes, but is not limited to, titles, intellectual property, compliance, authority and existing contracts – with winemakers, for example.

With our guidance it’s easy to connect New Zealand vineyards with international markets.

We can take care of all the logistics involved.

Image by mona Masoumi